Which is better, Python or Javascript?

When we try to figure out which is a better language for us, we should check the libraries they’re offering. For example, if we are a data scientist we should check machine learning libraries. We can see that javascript can be used with tenser flow for machine learning but Python offers more libraries such as Scipy or Scikit-learn. So Python is more useful than Javascript in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

If you’re an app developer or you want to be one, we should choose Javascript for that. The reason we did that is Python doesn’t have a good framework for app development and Javascript has React-Native, phoneGap e.c, So we can say that an app developer should choose Javascript.

For a backend developer the best language is Javascript because of NodeJS framework. Python also has Django framework but NodeJS is so much more powerful. Choose Javascript if you’re a backend developer.

If you’re a game developer maybe both languages are not enough for you but Javascript also better than Python at game development because of Phaser, melonJS e.c

As I said, there is no better language but there is more useful language in what ever you’re doing. Have a nice day.

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